The Barbarians at the Gate

So, once again, we see the true face of Islam. And once again, Jews are murdered as they pray. Yesterday evening, an Arab from East Jerusalem, entered a yeshiva high school, walked into the library and gunned down eight teenagers as they studied or prayed. The victims were all in their mid to late teens – two of them were only fifteen years old. As we have come to expect, the Barbarians of Gaza celebrated by dancing in the streets.
Tell me, faithful reader – have you ever heard of Israeli Jews going out and dancing in the streets when the IDF attacks terrorist bases in Gaza, the West Bank or the Lebanon? Do you hear Israeli leaders whipping up the crowds with calls for vengeance when the Barbarians strike, again and again, at innocent civilians? At the funerals for the eight victims of this latest Palestinian terrorist outrage, the speakers called on the thousands who attended the funerals not to wreak vengeance, for vengeance belongs to G-d, not to Man. That’s the difference between Them and Us, between Civilization and Barbarism. The difference between Judaism and Islam.
The murderer came from the village of Jebel Mukaber, not fifty metres from where I live. He was a Jerusalem resident, with a blue Israeli identity card, as opposed to a green or orange West Bank or Gaza ID card. For the Palestinians living in or around Jerusalem, a blue Israeli ID card is a cherished possession and many is the Palestinian I have spoken to who has expressed the hope that his neighbourhood, at least, will remain part of Israeli Jerusalem, if and when the city is re-divided by our misguided government. "Why?" I ask them. "Because we want to continue to enjoy benefits from the Israeli National Insurance Institute" is the inevitable reply. Which brings me to the final irony. The terrorist murderer was a Jerusalem resident, with an Israeli ID card and therefore eligible for Social Security benefits from the Israeli National Insurance Institute. Now that he’s dead – killed by an off-duty IDF officer, before he could kill any more innocent children –  his family will be eligible for Survivors’ Pensions, again, from the Israeli National Insurance Institute.
Possibly the title of this entry was misleading. I should have called it "The Enemy Within Our Gates".

About Shimona from the Palace

Born in London, the UK, I came on Aliyah in my teens and now live in Jerusalem, where I practice law. I am a firm believer in the words of Albert Schweitzer: "There are two means of refuge from the sorrows of this world - Music and Cats." To that, you can add Literature. To curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cat at one's feet and another one on one's lap, with a classical symphony or concerto in the background - what more can a person ask for?
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