Looks like @#$% to me

The International Atomic Energy Agency, after investigating the site in Syria allegedly bombed by Israel (I’m not sure how, exactly, as the Syrians refused to cooperate and denied them entry to the actual site) has concluded that the site does actually resemble a nuclear reactor and that significant quantities of uranium have been found there. However, they cannot (or will not) rule out the possibility that the site actually served another purpose.
Hmmm. I hold by the old theory. If it looks like s*** and smells like s*** – then by golly, it must be s***…..

About Shimona from the Palace

Born in London, the UK, I came on Aliyah in my teens and now live in Jerusalem, where I practice law. I am a firm believer in the words of Albert Schweitzer: "There are two means of refuge from the sorrows of this world - Music and Cats." To that, you can add Literature. To curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cat at one's feet and another one on one's lap, with a classical symphony or concerto in the background - what more can a person ask for?
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