The Rest is Silence

Israel TV has been broadcasting the funerals of the three teenagers, abducted nineteen days ago and murdered by “Palestinian” terrorists , whose bodies, bound and partially buried, were finally discovered yesterday. Apologists for the terrorists, such as a certain Becky Dent (an antisemitic bitch, if ever there was one) on Facebook and anti-Israel blogs such as Mondoweiss, or that of the  (allegedly Jewish)  antisemite Richard Silverstein,  have openly justified the murders, some of them going so far as to claim that this was an Israeli false flag operation! These people are almost as despicable as the murderers themselves.

Understandably, there is a great deal of justifiable anger in Israel and these disgusting apologists for terrorism have been pointing to expressions of this fury as “proof” of the supposed racism of Israeli society. And of course, it does sound shocking when you see ordinary citizens posting on Facebook comments calling for blood vengeance against the entire Arab population.  However, these are knee-jerk reactions, born of grief and rage. We all say things we don’t mean in the first moments of deep grief or deep anger. We don’t act on them and we later regret them. 

That does not mean that these vile acts by the sons of Satan should go unpunished.
Punishment should be meted out to the guilty – not just those who carried out the murders but also those who sent them – and that punishment should be death.

Not only that. It is just and fitting that the houses of the terrorists who committed this heinous crime should be demolished. As for the bleeding heart liberals who claim this is “collective punishment”, I would like to remind them that the mother of one of the suspects, in an interview with Israel’s Channel 10 news, expressed pride in her son’s deed, adding that she had raised her children on the knees of the Islamic religion and that their goal is to bring the victory of Islam.

The appropriate response to the murders is not the expulsion of the entire Arab population, but a response which will perpetuate the memory of these three young boys who have been cut down and will now never father children of their own. The appropriate response (apart from the hunting down and execution of the murderers)  would be the building of three new “settlements” in Judaea and Samaria, bearing the names of the three boys, as living, growing memorials of each of them.



About Shimona from the Palace

Born in London, the UK, I came on Aliyah in my teens and now live in Jerusalem, where I practice law. I am a firm believer in the words of Albert Schweitzer: "There are two means of refuge from the sorrows of this world - Music and Cats." To that, you can add Literature. To curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cat at one's feet and another one on one's lap, with a classical symphony or concerto in the background - what more can a person ask for?
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5 Responses to The Rest is Silence

  1. Chrissie says:

    I agree, Shimona, with every word. This is an escalation of hostilities, to be sure. Not only the kidnap and murder of Israeli citizens, but children! Not soldiers, not politicians (the usual targets of these evil ones)…children. The only action the perpetrators will understand and view with alarm is one the world will not allow Israel to take. What is wrong with the times we are living in? I’m so sorry this happened to the boys. I grieve with their mothers and fathers and families and friends, indeed, with the whole community.

    • I’m not sure that one can call the kidnapping and murder of Israeli civilians – even children – an “escalation”, because, alas, this is by no means the first time that Israeli children have been deliberately targeted. One has only to recall Shalhevet Paz, the Israeli baby shot in the head by a “Palestinian” sniper, the Fogel children of Itamar (the youngest victim was just three months old when her throat was slit by the murderers), the massacred schoolchildren of the town of Ma’alot way back in 1974, and the abduction and murder of 16-year old Ophir Nachum who was tricked into meeting a “Palestinian” girl he had met over the Internet, only to discover he had been led into a terrorist ambush which ended in his murder. BTW, the terrorist who seduced and murdered him, Amana Muna, was one of the more than a thousand terrorists released by Israel in exchange for the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

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  3. Kathryn Braithwaite says:

    I regret to say I just read that more than 15,000 Palestinian children and more than 150 Jewish Israeli children have been killed since 2001,When will peace come?Can they have their own state or do you wish them to leave and emigrate elsewhere.. what is the aim?Building more settlements which are illegal in the eyes of the world will make things worse… when will it end,if ever.Who can help?

    • I think you will find the numbers of so-called “Palestinian children” killed have been greatly exaggerated. Where did you read these figures?
      Also, the “Palestinians” tend to count 14,15, 16 and 17 year old combatants as “children”.

      The “settlements” are not illegal. I have dealt with the legal question in a previous post, which I suggest you read.

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