The Truth Is Out There

Now that things have quietened down somewhat, I have had time to search out all manner of interesting video clips and articles pertaining to the truth of Israel’s claim that Hamas not only made cynical use of civilians as human shields, in flagrant violation of international law, but even used UN premises as military bases. Here, for example, a Finnish reporter confirms the use of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as a rocket-launching site: This particular reporter, Aishi Zidan (note the Arab surname), reacted to the publication of this video with an angry demand that her reportage not be used as “Israeli propaganda”.

In fact, the Shifa Hospital served as one of the main Hamas command centres, with a vast network of tunnels and bunkers beneath the hospital (but not for the use of civilians as air-raid shelters).

In this next clip, a journalist from the Indian TV channel NDTV not only films and comments on how Hamas terrorists set up a rocket launch site on an open plot of land right outside his hotel, in a densely populated area, but also mentions in passing the fact that the IDF did, in fact, issue a warning of its intention to target the area. Later on, he shows the rocket actually being fired.


Want some more? Here is France 24 reporter Gallagher Fenwick  with proof that Hamas terrorists fired their rockets from right next to UN facilities:


So why has it taken so long for the mass media to admit the truth? In the case of Ms. Zidan (see above), possibly her own personal bias is at play. In other cases, such as that of Gabriele Garbati (see below) and others, fear of Hamas retaliation no doubt played its part.

Remember the claims that Israel fired on a UN-run school? The mainstream western media were quick to condemn. But see here an analysis demonstrating how the event was stage-managed by Pallywood to make it appear an Israeli mortar strike near the school was actually a deliberate Israeli assault on the school.

How about the Israeli assertion that, in many cases, casualties falsely attributed to Israeli air and mortar strikes, were, in fact, caused by misfired Hamas rockets? For example, the alleged Israeli attacks on Al-Shifa Hospital and on the Al-Shati refugee camp.
Be my guest. Italian journalist Gabriele Garbati – once he was safely out of Gaza and beyond the reach of Hamastweeted the truth.

And, while we’re on the subject, suppose Israel had targeted UN-run schools? By using those schools for storing rockets on at least three occasions, Hamas turned UN premises – and schools, at that – into legitimate military targets. Note that on the third occasion, UNRWA did not publicise the “discovery” on their official website. Shame? Maybe. But I very much doubt that UNRWA – 99% of whose employees are locally-recruited “Palestinian” Arabs  – was really as surprised as they claimed to be. If, as their official website assures us, the organisation has “strong, established procedures to maintain the neutrality of all its premises, including a strict no-weapons policy and routine inspections of its installations, to ensure they are only used for humanitarian purposes, how could they have missed the fact that rockets were being stored in at least three (and who knows how many more) of their schools? And how does the handing over of the rockets to “the authorities” (ie. Hamas) conform to UNRWA’s “neutrality” policy?

Let’s take this a stage further. How could a clinic under UNRWA’s auspices be constructed, with over 80 kilograms of explosives built into its very walls, without the knowledge, if not the actual connivance of UNRWA personnel?

In short, the UN – which has consistently demonstrated its hostility towards Israel – is in no position to take the moral high ground in any discussion of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Come to think of it, neither is Israel’s supposed best friend, the United States.








About Shimona from the Palace

Born in London, the UK, I came on Aliyah in my teens and now live in Jerusalem, where I practice law. I am a firm believer in the words of Albert Schweitzer: "There are two means of refuge from the sorrows of this world - Music and Cats." To that, you can add Literature. To curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cat at one's feet and another one on one's lap, with a classical symphony or concerto in the background - what more can a person ask for?
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28 Responses to The Truth Is Out There

  1. David Allon says:

    You could have rightly titled this “J’accuse”.
    עיניים להם ולא יראו
    אוזניים להם ולא ישמעו

  2. I am so grateful for this blog and its author since it gives us a true report about what is actually going on. You just cannot imagine how false the local reports we get can be, even from main public channels like ZDF here. So a big “Thank You” to you!

  3. Carolyn says:

    I do notice that the true picture is starting to emerge, but it is taking an inordinate amount of time. I suspect though that the whole truth will never be known. Social media helps, but sadly it is very easy for those that want to promulgate the lies to abuse it to their ends.

    • And now, of course, there’s this UNHRC kangaroo court to contend with. I bet they totally ignore any evidence in Israel’s favour.
      The fact is, a far greater problem than the ease with which those that want to, use social media to promulgate their lies, is the refusal even to consider the evidence in Israel’s favour by those who wish her ill. All this evidence is dismissed as “hasbara” by the Loony Left and by Israel-haters such as Richard Silverstein, or the owners of the Mondoweiss blog or the +972 blog.
      All I – and bloggers like me – can do, is to publish the truth and hope that people like you will spread the word, and get others to do likewise.

  4. GreatGranny says:

    Thank you.

  5. Mary says:

    The truth depends on who is looking and where they are situated and on their motivation

    • I think what you mean is, that the “truth” depends on who is looking … and on their motivation etc.
      There is, of course, an objective truth, based on empirical facts. It is that Truth which I am endeavouring to put before my readers.

    • Ellen May says:

      You are always coming out with platitudes like this.
      How can Truth be dependent on anything? Either a thing is true, or it is not. People may choose to believe something that is not true, because of their prejudices (antisemitism, for example) but that does not make the falsehood true, or the truth false.
      So, are you saying that these journalists who are now admitting that Israel was telling the truth, are lying? When they admit to having been intimidated by Hamas, are they lying? Are YOU now choosing to pander to your own prejudices by ignoring the evidence?

      • Mary says:

        One little individual thing may be true,but this war is many things… and to write about it any person has to select… it’s impossible to write down absolutely everything.It’s like drawing a map which has to have everything on it that is there on earth.. well it would be as big as the earth.A map may be true as far as it goes but is never complete therefore.I assume the person making the map is honest… and objective… otherwise they will select with an eye to producing a pre-ordained description..It is not an easy task to see without prejudice.The more emotionally involved wivh the situation the harder it is to see without prejudice.Alas,after people have suffered many wars, each new one recreated the past trauma in each person’s heart and soul… but wars seem not to solve the problem.. for either side.The whole thing is a tragedy.. of large proportions…as all we all want is to live our lives on a human scale.Thay is why I have commented again.We hope here that you will soon be ok again,as much as anyone can be after these tormenting weeks

      • I have explained, in this post – and others before it – why it would be a mistake to “assume the person making the map is honest… and objective…”. I have explained how, and why they “select with an eye to producing a pre-ordained description.” Yes, that is exactly what they do. But I do expect a journalist who is supposed to be providing objective coverage, not to lie. If a journalist knows perfectly well that the people killed in a Gaza market-place were killed by a misfired Hamas rocket, then to write a news story in which the journalist states that they were killed by an Israeli airstrike is inherently dishonest. It is a LIE. And there is no way you can put a spin on that by claiming that “any person has to select… it’s impossible to write down absolutely everything”. The fact that there is an awful lot to say is no excuse for deliberately lying. So why are you trying to find excuses for them?

        And yes – wars don’t solve problems. But try persuading the “Palestinians” of this.

        “… all we all want is to live our lives on a human scale.”
        Unfortunately, this is not all Hamas wants. They want Israel to be eradicated. But you don’t want to see/admit this, do you?

  6. Mary says:

    I think while you are undergoing the trauma of this war I shall not put any queries on or ask questions.I have been relatively fortunate myself politically in not living through such hard times and do not wish to make you feel more troubled.
    It seems as if some problems are unsolvable but we thought the same about Northern Ireland and it was solved by Tony Blair.So we here hope that someone will come along who has some new ideas or a person who is able to get the trust of both sides.The sky is dark but one day the sun will rise for you,I am sure.In the meantime take care and keep hoping.

  7. Anne says:

    I do believe truth exists but sometimes it’s hard to find it.In a war the numbers are probably estimates.If you are in a lab doing physics you can measure things properly.Usually we have unconscious biases or sometimes people are wilfully lying… amd ,em seem to like fighting.When it’s all over no doubt we shall get some more accuracy

  8. Jane says:

    Do look after yourself and keep hope alight

  9. K.braithwaite says:

    It’s a good thing to tell people that we should not blindly believe all we read and especially that statistics need interpretation.. advertisers and politicians use this to our detriment daily…
    Hoping for an end to the fighting soon..

  10. Mary says:

    When I wrote the reply about truth I was not referring to one incident such as that which is clearly wrong.I was musing about what Ellen May said and referring to “Truth” in general.However I find your tone such that here it would be felt as bullying and attack.But I know arguing is a form of sociability in some Jewish communities [I was reading a book about Eastern European Jews so it may not apply to all]

    • ” I find your tone such that here it would be felt as bullying and attack”

      I’ve noticed that you feel under attack and accuse your interlocutor of bullying, whenever someone disagrees with you.

      “arguing is a form of sociability in some Jewish communities”
      Besides which, I am a lawyer, after all 😉

  11. Mary says:

    I hereby sentence you to the past tense.:)

  12. “There are some people who always look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you but themselves” Alas you can’t walk away and they won’t so what is the answer?Is there one?
    About the truth, it was both sides I meant to refer to.Whilst in this dreadful fraught time I don’t imagine you can even think ,,,maybe there will be some new thoughts from the politicians,meanwhile everyone should visit dear friends and relations and get lots of hugs and drink whatever you have when we would have cups of hot sweet tea in England.Shock takes time to disperse and you’ve had 3 months of trauma

  13. Joanne says:

    I am concerned about all of the Middle East now.I hope that the Syrian situation will be brought under control soon… it must be dreadful living so near and being a small country.

  14. GreatGranny says:

    Thinking of you, your family and fur babies. Be safe all of you.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry I missed this earlier. I don’t have my computer on very often since moving to my new flat, for some reason.
      Thank you, anyway, for your good wishes. Have a great Halloween with lots of spooky fun 😉

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