Are We Heading for War (Again)?

For six months now, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have been committing daily acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians, attempting to cross the security fence which protects Israel’s border with Gaza, sending booby-trapped balloons and kites into Israel which have set fire to, and burned down, thousands of acres of agricultural land – without any protest or condemnation from the rest of the world, without the mainstream media of the rest of the world even taking notice of what has been happening, unless Israel reacted (in which case, the headlines noted Israel’s reaction, rather than the acts of terrorism by the Gazans which evoked said reaction).

The “Palestinian Authority” under Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has refused to transfer money to the Hamas leadership in Gaza, leading – so we are told – to a “humanitarian crisis”, as they are unable to pay salaries to public workers.

Earlier this week, Israel allowed Qatar to transfer suitcases full of cash, to the tune of $15 million dollars, to the Gaza Strip (ie. to Hamas) – through Israel –  in order to avert the threatened “humanitarian crisis” and on the understanding that Hamas would see to it that the terrorist activity described above was considerably toned down (not even completely halted!).

What has been the result? From Monday afternoon, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad has been firing over 400 rockets at Israeli towns in the western Negev. There have been dozens of casualties, some serious, at least one fatal.

You won’t hear about this either in the mainstream media – unless and until Israel strikes back. And Israel WILL strike back – because firing 400 rockets on a neighbouring state is, by any normal interpretation of international law, a casus belli.

Only that isn’t how the mainstream media (or mendacious Israel-haters such as Ali Abunimah or Mondoweiss or Richard Silverstein, on their pathetic little blogs) will present it.
No. The headlines will scream: “Dozens (or Hundreds, or Thousands) of Palestinian Civilians Killed in Israeli Airstrikes”.

And when, as now seems more than likely, we send in ground troops – who do you suppose will be blamed for the “escalation in violence”?

No prizes for a correct guess…



About Shimona from the Palace

Born in London, the UK, I came on Aliyah in my teens and now live in Jerusalem, where I practice law. I am a firm believer in the words of Albert Schweitzer: "There are two means of refuge from the sorrows of this world - Music and Cats." To that, you can add Literature. To curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cat at one's feet and another one on one's lap, with a classical symphony or concerto in the background - what more can a person ask for?
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17 Responses to Are We Heading for War (Again)?

  1. We are not all fooled, but the lack of information in the MSM, together with the lies and misrepresentation are making it hard to convince even good people of the truth. The media isn’t everybody. We know they lied over Brexit and are still lying. Israel needs to take advantage of that mistrust of the MSM. Some of us also watch and pray.

    • In which media did you hear about this, Ian? Because all I can get here is Sky News and the BBC World Service, CNN, (the last two being exceptionally hostile to Israel), France 24 in English and Fox News (which is more or less pro-Israel but is preoccupied with the US midterm elections and their aftermath).

  2. David Allon says:

    To answer the question you asked in the title of this post, we are not headed for war.

    My reason for saying this is Bibi. He is not willing to chance a war. Fear? His master’s voice? Other reason? I don’t know.

    Israel’s deterrence vis a vis the Hamas is non existent. It took 300 rockets to start the 2014 war. Now 400 rockets and the Israeli Air Force proudly announces it destroyed 4 important buildings…

    • And now, instead of decisive action against Hamas, there is a “ceasefire” – which will allow them to recoup any losses they may have had and stockpile more weapons for the (inevitable) next round.
      $15 million dollars buys a hell of a lot of rockets…

  3. CATachresis says:

    You are right. There is far too much selective and biased reporting in the MSM. I had not heard of the recent rocket attacks into the Negev. Even when one does get news about Israel, it is of course putting Israel as the aggressor!

  4. Katherine says:

    Well it’s been widely reported here in the UK.Sorry you feel you are ignored and neglected but there is trouble here and people getting more racist by the week.And of course we tend to ignore things that seem endless and to have no solution.I suppose if all the people in Gaza left that might help.It used to be Egptian,,,,,,,?

    • What, exactly, has been widely reported in the UK? Other people commenting on this post have agreed that it has NOT in fact been widely reported – at least, not the rocket attacks (530 in two days!) and that what WAS reported was biased and selective.

      “Sorry you feel you are ignored and neglected but there is trouble here and people getting more racist by the week.”
      That didn’t seem to stop the British media from reporting on the wildfires in California, did it? So – fires which have a natural cause are news, but fires which are started by terrorists wielding booby-trapped kites and balloons, designed to lure innocent Israeli children to pick them up, are NOT news?

      “we tend to ignore things that seem endless and to have no solution”
      Brexit? The migrant caravan?

      • Katherine says:

        Mon 12 Nov 2018 23.58 GMT First published
        Israeli emergency services at the site of a rocket strike in Sderot

        Palestinian militants in Gaza have launched more than 300 rocket attacks and Israeli fighter jets have bombed dozens of sites across the strip in a round of intense fighting triggered by a botched Israeli special forces raid that left eight people dead.

        Rockets lit up the sky with missile trails, and Israeli police shared photos of a damaged building and a fire in the southern city of Sderot.

        Israel’s military said it had struck more than 70 sites that it said were strategic “terror targets”. However, one attack flattened a Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV building on Monday evening, which Israel accused of contributing “to Hamas’s military actions”.

      • This is a prime example of the way things have been misrepresented in the western Press – not that I’m surprised to see that this is a quote from The Guardian, which is notoriously anti-Israel.
        “A round of intense fighting triggered by a botched Israeli special forces raid that left eight people dead” – It was NOT triggered by the Israeli raid. The Israeli raid took place after months of firebomb attacks on Israel during which we restrained ourselves until we could take no more. And as for the Israeli raid leaving 8 people dead – the way it is phrased, you would think that Israeli special forces killed 8 “Palestinians” in Gaza, wouldn’t you? In fact, an Israeli unit that had crossed into Gaza on an intelligence-gathering mission was surprised by Hamas terrorists, a shootout then ensued, in the course of which, there were casualties on both sides.
        And Israel limited herself to military or paramilitary targets – unlike the Gazans, whose rockets rained down on Israeli cities (civilian targets) and landed on schools and private houses, and whose booby-trapped kites and balloons caused billions of shekels worth of damage to agricultural lands, nature reserves and even private property in Israel. It’s a miracle no Israeli child was killed by playing with a booby-trapped balloon. There WERE civilians injured, including at least one fatality.

      • Katherine says:

        Newspapers are there to sell and make money primarily.We also see things on TV which you can’t see.It’s how the story is presented and what is selected.

      • “.It’s how the story is presented and what is selected.”
        That is precisely my point!

      • Katherine says:

        I know! How can we learn what really happened?

      • That’s what I’m here for!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “I suppose if all the people in Gaza left that might help”
      That would be one solution, I guess – or Hamas could try using the billions of euros they have received from the EU for the purpose of rehabilitating the Gaza Strip, to actually DO what they were supposed to do with the money, like use it for building hospitals, schools, apartments etc. rather than rockets and bombs.

      “It used to be Egyptian,,,,,,,”
      True – and the Israelis wanted to give it back to Egypt, except that the Egyptians didn’t want it back. They wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot barge pole.
      I wonder why…”

      • Katherine says:

        I can only say I feel very sorry for your suffering
        which I written about to the extent that people ask me if I am Jewish.
        The Guardian published several items times last week relating to this and I was expecting all out war.The risk is that people in Gaza have lost hope so are more dangerous [as they don’t mind dying at the border] I can’t see a 2 state solution coming up.And Israel will not want them to be incorportated into their state and giving them votes.It seems like an eternal problem with no answer.I have spent 7 years studying it and I am feeling hopeless.

  5. Katherine says:

    From my own blog on October 30th 2018


    The Church itself functioned as the centrifuge of anti-Semitism from the time it rebelled against its mother religion until the middle of the 20th century. As Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of Great Britain, has observed, Europe has added to the global lexicon of bigotry such terms as Inquisition, blood libel, auto‑da‑fé, ghetto, pogrom, and Holocaust. Europe has blamed the Jews for an encyclopedia of sins. The Church blamed the Jews for killing Jesus; Voltaire blamed the Jews for inventing Christianity. In the febrile minds of anti-Semites, Jews were usurers and well-poisoners and spreaders of disease. Jews were the creators of both communism and capitalism; they were clannish but also cosmopolitan; cowardly and warmongering; self-righteous moralists and defilers of culture. Ideologues and demagogues of many permutations have understood the Jews to be a singularly malevolent force standing between the world and its perfection.

    Despite this history of sorrow, Jews spent long periods living unmolested in Europe. And even amid the expulsions and persecutions and pogroms, Jewish culture prospered. Rabbis and sages produced texts and wrote liturgical poems that are still used today. Emancipation and enlightenment opened the broader culture to Jews, who came to prominence in politics, philosophy, the arts, and science—Chagall and Kafka, Einstein and Freud, Lévi-Strauss and Durkheim. An entire civilization flourished in Yiddish.
    Hitler destroyed most everything. But the story Europeans tell themselves—or told themselves, until the proof became too obvious to ignore—is that Judenhass, the hatred of Jews, ended when Berlin fell 70 years ago.

    Events of the past 15 years suggest otherwise.

  6. Katherine says:

    I suppose itś only years later that we get the facts.Every medium has its own biases.All need to sell and make money.We tend to select newspapers that we agree with and do not read the other ones.And despite all the evidence we still have Holocaust deniers,for example.I mean, what sort of evidence do they want? The evil of human minds is a horror ri me

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