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Words as Weapons: Islamophobia

Have you noticed how, in today’s Politically Correct climate, anyone who dares to criticise anything about Islam – such as its attitude to women or to non-Muslims- or to mention the fact that the perpetrator of a terrorist act was … Continue reading

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HOT as Hell

A few months ago, I upgraded my TV and Internet package with HOT, formerly a cable TV company, whose client I have been since cable TV arrived in Jerusalem, but now, a communications giant whose tentacles encompass not just TV, … Continue reading

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It’s All About ME: The Gender Agenda, Identity Politics and the Tyranny of Political Correctness

The murder last month of a young girl at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade spawned an endless series of debates on the subject of LGBT rights – or perhaps, to be completely Politically Correct, I should say LGBTQ rights – … Continue reading

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Troubles Always Come in Threes

Help! I am having a Household Appliance Crisis! The week before last, after a series of Serious Life-Threatening Illnesses, and in light of the absence of suitable transplant donors, my Vacuum Cleaner finally gave up the ghost. Last Friday, it … Continue reading

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Politics, the Weather and the Politics of Weather

Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned. It has been nearly three weeks since my last blog post ­čśë Whether it’s because I have been so busy, trying to learn my music for the two concerts I have coming up … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Snow

It is claimed┬áthat the Eskimos have as many as┬á400 different words for snow.┬áThis is a claim which is hotly disputed and even referred to as “The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax”. Be that as it may, in Hebrew, there is (to … Continue reading

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Yidl Mitn Fidl

In a brief footnote to my previous post, on “Bethlehem Unwrapped”, I must mention that one of the “artists” taking part in this anti-Israel travesty masquerading as a “festival” was British violinist Nigel Kennedy. ┬áKennedy’s participation was hardly surprising, given … Continue reading

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