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The Death Merchants

I had intended, today, to finish the post I was working on, about an afternoon walking tour in one of Jerusalem’s loveliest neighbourhoods. But yesterday, two deadly bomb attacks by “Palestinian” terrorists drove all thoughts of the beauty of Ein … Continue reading

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Touring With the Bible: The Jordan Valley In the Footsteps of Joshua, Elijah – and John the Baptist

I have never been fond of Autumn, the saddest of seasons. We put the clocks back the night between 29 – 30th October, and so it is now dark by 5:30 pm. I find that singularly depressing. On the other … Continue reading

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A New Year Is Just Around The Corner

Shame on me, allowing almost three months to pass without writing about anything. And now, lo and behold – Rosh Hashana is less than a fortnight away, the children are all back at school (the almost “traditional” teachers’ strike having … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – Back To Business

I spoke too soon. COVID-19 is still with us, now mostly in the form of the latest variant, BA-5.The Ministry of Health dashboard, last updated at 11.06 this morning, gives the Transmission Rate (R) as 1.37 although on the morning … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – Gerusalemme Liberata

Fifty five years ago come Sunday, in the midst of the Six Day War, all Israel was electrified by the announcement of Motta Gur, Commander of the 55th Paratroop Brigade, which liberated the Old City of Jerusalem from the Jordanians: … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – Never Forget

Today, in Israel, we are marking Holocaust Remembrance Day – or, to give it its full title, Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day. And I stress the word Heroism. Because while many people think Jews went like lambs to the … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – Whatever Happened To Spring?

The beginning of the week saw the official start of Spring, with the vernal equinox. Tonight, we will be moving the clocks forward one hour, thus heralding the official start of Israel Summer Time. The weather, however, does not seem … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – New Variants, the Weather, Purim, Putin and Other Ruminations

Earlier this week, we were warned that a new, hybrid variant of the COVID-19 virus has arrived in Israel, a combination of the Omicron and Delta variants, currently nicknamed Deltacron. That’s in addition to the BA2 variant I mentioned in … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – How Putin Single-Handedly Defeated COVID-19

Have you noticed how nobody is talking about the pandemic any more? True, the transmission rate and other numbers are falling and the Fifth Wave did seem to be gradually subsiding (here, in Israel, at any rate) throughout February, although … Continue reading

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The Corona Chronicles – Looking For The Logic

On the news this morning, I heard that the government is planning on scrapping most of the remaining COVID restrictions – this, despite the fact that there are still about 20,000 new confirmed cases daily – which is, admittedly, a … Continue reading

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