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When Is An Antisemite – An Antisemite?

You’ve all heard the hoary denials – I am not an antisemite, I am simply a critic of Israel’s policies. Or (if they are even slightly honest) – I am not an antisemite, I am anti-Zionist, because Zionism is racism. … Continue reading

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The Rest is Silence

Israel TV has been broadcasting the funerals of the three teenagers, abducted nineteen days ago and murdered by “Palestinian” terrorists , whose bodies, bound and partially buried, were finally discovered yesterday. Apologists for the terrorists, such as a certain Becky Dent (an antisemitic … Continue reading

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The Wicked Son, What Does He Say? – Miscellaneous Musings for Pessach

On the eve of Pessach, Monday afternoon, “Palestinian” terrorists opened fire on Israeli civilian vehicles making their way towards Hebron to celebrate the Seder with their families. After several misses, they managed to hit two cars, murdering Baruch Mizrachi (HY”D), … Continue reading

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There are Children – and there are Children

I had intended to post an additional article about Chanucah, but the news that yet another Jewish toddler is lying in hospital, after stone-throwing “Palestinian” thugs hurled a rock at the car in which she and her parents were travelling … Continue reading

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Moving the Goal Posts: Further Thoughts on the “Apartheid Israel” Lie

Following on from last week’s post, I took the fight against the “Israeli Apartheid State” lie to Facebook and other social forums. You wouldn’t believe (or perhaps you would) some of the absurd responses I encountered. One of the most … Continue reading

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Books, Lights, Festivals

Summer is the time for festivals of all kinds. Besides the the Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival at Shavuot, the Israel Festival – which ended yesterday, June 14th – and the Opera Festival at Masada, last Thursday saw the start … Continue reading

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Never Again

Tomorrow, January 27th, is the international Holocaust Memorial Day. In Israel, this is marked the week before Independence Day, but the rest of the world commemorates the horrors to which antisemitism can lead, on the anniversary of the liberation of … Continue reading

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Proven Right – Again

In my last post, I warned that the journalists and politicians who are cynically using the actions of a few to blacken the name of an entire community are, in fact, providing ammunition for Israel’s enemies. How right I was.  … Continue reading

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