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The Truth Is Out There

Now that things have quietened down somewhat, I have had time to search out all manner of interesting video clips and articles pertaining to the truth of Israel’s claim that Hamas not only made cynical use of civilians as human … Continue reading

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Remembrance and Beyond: Commemorating the Holocaust – Part 1

Each year, on January 27th, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, the international community, through the medium of the United Nations Organisation, commemorates the Holocaust – the extermination of six million Jews, men, women and children, … Continue reading

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The “Palestinian Refugees” – Neither Palestinian Nor Refugees

I have written before about the issue of the so-called “Palestinian refugees” – whose status, both as “Palestinians” and as “refugees” is highly questionable – but as the Israel-bashers return to this point again and again, it is worth re-examining. … Continue reading

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A Note on the Palestinian “Refugees”

In my previous blog, I mentioned the millions of so-called “Palestinian refugees” whose¬† “Right of Return” Abu Maazen is demanding as part of any peace treaty with Israel. Let’s just examine those figures. In the aftermath of World War Two, … Continue reading

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